Start a blog

You need to get a domain that is short and easy to remember and a reliable web host to keep your blog up and running.

Your domain name will be your site’s URL. For example, my domain is Your webhosting account (AoneroyalHost) will provide you a space and/or a secure place to store your website files (layout, blogging software, etc.) and so to make your blog accessible via the internet.

Enter your desired domain name, If you already have a domain, enter your domain name instead on the “I Have a Domain Name” part.

You have your blog, now what? You should know how to create a valuable blog post. You can’t just go writing and posting just anything under the sun. And even if you do focus on your chosen niche, it’s still not enough to go ahead stuffing your site with irrelevant entries.

Remember that content is king. So how do you go about creating that valuable blog post? Here are some essential tips:

  • Develop a writing style and voice that you can call your own.This means that you ought to write as if you’re talking to a friend. The words have to come out naturally.
  • Make sure you are providing something new and useful to your target readers. Don’t just lift something from the web and rehash it. Why don’t you inject your own experiences or perhaps come up with a new twist to an old story?
  • Use an eye-catching titlethat will make people want to click on a link and read the entire article.
  • Accompany your article with a relevant image or video.

Add a call to action message at the bottom so that your post can actually deliver the purpose which you had planned it for

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