Domain Registration

domain registration

Domain name is an identity of a Dynamic Website or a Web Application. What is a good Domain is often a question. A good or an effective domain is one which clearly relates to the business or the thought process of the website. The Domain Name is crucial because it gives your business the identity through which it gets known in the world and in internet forum.

During the Domain Registration Process there are certain important things to be kept in mind. Firstly the domain chosen must be in sync with your working industry Eg, .in, .org,, .com etc. Secondly the length of the domain should be kept at a reasonable length in order to be easily written and accessible to the clients. Thirdly the tenure for which you book your domain should be discussed and considered beforehand. A domain booked for a good length of time prevents successive renewals and gives you a tension free presence online. And finally while booking the domain, you should be very clear with the spelling of the words. A small spelling mistake might land you booking the wrong domain, which in turn might let you lose money for corrections.