Dedicated Server

dedicated server

How can be a Server ‘THE’ most important thing in the Website Development Process? The Server constitutes as a core of the entire Web Application Development process. It enables you to control the various aspects related to the site. The C Panel helps us to manage our files and settings. To add/create/store/modify database or to manage emails, everything is governed by the cpanel in a server.

Although Servers can be of different types. Based on their functionality they can be Shared Server, VPS Server or a Dedicated Server. A Shared Server gives us a shared access and features like (shared bandwidth, shared space, shared RAM etc) whereas a Dedicated Server or a VPS Server provides us individual based features. RAM allocations are defined separately. CPU Core units are defined. And bandwidth also gets personalized. Hence a site running in a Dedicated Server is much quick and prompt in response. It also provided us Dedicated IP’s to work with. So with a wide range of functionalities loaded a dedicated server gives us a quick response time and ensures the system operates successfully throughout.