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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Real Estate Website Portal Development

Times are changing quickly and quite decisively. A search for a property is one of the basic requirements that every family or person goes through. The search can be for a property for rent, sale or purchase. The requirement can be diverse but the aim is almost common and that is to get an affordable deal to close.

Real Estate Website Development is a field that is pursued both by young and aged entrepreneurs likewise. There are numerous startups that are planning and promising to provide efficient and latest technology based ideas towards the property searching platform. The need of the hour is to provide suitable solutions towards real estate property segment. Before moving ahead lets understand how real estate industry is growing really fast.

Why Real Estate Website Portal Development?

·Growing need: We all know that in this age of tremendous opportunities people are restless and are anxious to settle for nothing less. Young people working in various MNC companies are in constant need to relocate and settle at new addresses. What confronts them is the availability of a decent and affordable home (either on rent or for purchase). During this time, what people often refer to is towards Real Estate Portals and Websites. Although there are plenty in market but still we keep on searching for the best. Some provide properties via brokers while others offer a direct link up to the owners.

During such times, the need for a real estate website that caters to all the functionalities and is reasonable is a MUST! Hence startups have begun putting their ideas into reality to make the property searching hassle free with their innovations. A good property listing website is always in demand and looked with curiosity.

·Hidden Conditions: Many existing property listing portals are not user friendly and keep many things hidden, such as basic amenities, brokerage terms, leasing terms etc. Thus an air of mistrust slowly starts to creep in, making the interaction worse. Therefore people are now looking for real estate websites that are transparent in their information and can be trusted. Here there is a huge opportunity for a startup idea to grow its roots in fixing the conventional problems existing in the real estate market. The stakes are high for the best real estate website portal.

·High Reward: With the advent of technology based platforms, many new functionalities can be added in the forms of API’s and integrated in the real estate portals to give optimum results. By adding different parties to the website such as sellers, buyers, brokers, movers & Packers, groundsmen, etc the portal can take the form of a One Stop Management for all property related queries and solutions.

What can be the components of a Good Real Estate Website?

·Sellers: This is a category dedicated in a real estate portal, for people who want to list their houses/apartments/flats/villa’s for sale or rent. There can be a panel assigned to buyers where after successful registration they can be provided with individual ids and passwords to manage their account. A buyer can login and list any property or take the status check for the already listed property. The option to upload pictures and videos of the facility can be an integral part of this panel. Hence the buyer will get a clear idea of the property he intends to buy. The functionality to track the timely responses from the property seekers can help the buyers to close the deal in an appropriate manner.

·Buyers/ Tenants: This category deals with the people who are searching for property for either purchase or on rent. In both the above cases, a thorough analyzing of the property premises, images and videos can be very helpful in closing the deal. The buyers can also have a separate panel to login in and track their requests. Hence the portal will have an elaborative information about all the requests made.

·Brokers/ Agents: This section shall comprise of all the agents who are actively involved in making the sellers meet the buyers and vice versa. There can be various terms under which they operate, but the sole idea shall be to facilitate an easy conversation between the two parties. They can also have a separate panel for tracking their clients.

·Bank Login: This feature is relatively new but most effective. Various banks can be approached to be listed on the real estate website portal, which shall give them the flexibility to showcase their business plans in terms of home loans, insurance plans etc. A unique login will enable them to pitch their ideas and plans to the prospective customers.

·Movers & Packers: After every successful acquisition of a property either on rent or purchase, the need for shifting of home items to the new place is always seen as a major hurdle. We often hear stories where cases of duping and misinformation are in plenty. Therefore to find a genuine resource for moving and packing is of utmost priority. The real estate portal can be a wonderful platform to provide such meaningful associations which can lessen the burden of people.

·Payment Gateway: To facilitate financial transactions, there can be a payment gateway integrated in the real estate website portal. This shall help the owner of the portal to place plans and subscriptions in order to monetize his/her website.

·Master Admin Panel: Since an affordable and a good real estate website portal, can have many individual panels and logins, there will be a certain need to manage all of them from one common place. Master Admin Panel serves as a controller for the complete portal. Every information regarding people joining under various heads are comprehensively being captured under this place. There are various other utilities that an Admin Panel can perform. It totally depends upon the functionalities the portal is made to handle.

·Approval Mechanisms: Every entry that happens in the real estate portal, can be monitored and managed with the help of approval mechanism. Approvals are basically incorporated at the time of listing properties, making new registrations, or working on action buttons. During all this time an alert is triggered at the Master Admin end, who has the right to either accept or reject the particular course of action. In general a good approval mechanism ensures the real estate portal to be secure and robust.

Likewise there can be many components in a real estate portal development. The only need is to figure out the problems existing and provide a suitable solution for the same. A best real estate website development company can offer viable solutions at extremely affordable costs.

How to begin building a Real Estate Portal?

    We at Capthrone Technologies LLP, have an astute and a clear understanding of the requirements that     can fulfill a real estate portal development. Having worked for multiple clients and found solutions     for major obstacles, our team is trained to code your ideas into reality.

    All we require is an idea and a roadmap of the requirements you wish to include in your real estate        portal. After evaluating and brainstorming over the points, our team shall give you a detailed analysis     of how we are going to approach on the given project. 

Our aim is always to stand different from others and that urges us to keep performing to be the best real estate website development company. So although you may find many real estate portals around, we do insist to see the one we have recently made as our portfolio. Feel free to contact us to know more details and to get convinced of a reality that is very much affordable and possible. Our phone lines are open at +91 9599919447. You can mail us too at Please do visit our website to go through the valuable testimonials of our existing clients. We would consider this as our privilege to add you as our client in this journey of meeting excellence.